Can you Poop out Gallstones

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can you pass gallstones in your stool

Are you doubled over in severe stomach discomfort? Cramping with shooting pain? There are a lot of signs of pain in your digestive tract, but, yes you can eliminate some gallstones in your stools if they are giving you trouble.

Gallstones are notoriously uncomfortable, and if you suffer from them, you are probably wondering how you can easily and safely get them out of your body the quickest. The bile duct is affected by digestive problems, but with the right diet, you might be able to reduce the symptoms of any illness that affects the digestive system.

Bowel movements are arguably the easiest way to pass a gallstone, and if you cannot get a stone out through a stool movement, you might have a more serious problem that could lead to surgery.

Pain in Gallbladder?

Any time you have painful symptoms in your digestive tract, you will want to alleviate those problems as quickly as possible. If you have stones, you can try to poop them out before you are doubled over with abdominal pain from gallbladder disease or gallbladder pains.

You might have a bunch of different symptoms if you are having trouble with your digestive tract. You could have stabbing sensations in the upper right side of your abdomen or you could feel gassy, bloated, or nauseous. Make sure you seek help from a doctor if you are having a lot of trouble as if you wait too long the issues could become emergent needs.

passing gallstones in stool

Anytime you have nausea or unpleasant feelings for longer than a couple of days, it is a sign something worse could be at play. While dietary improvements might help you lose weight and could even help you pass some of your bile, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional physician if you are not feeling any better after a day or two.

Bowel Movement to help with Painful Gallstones

One thing that can help if you have symptom gallbladder problems, is to try for regular bowel movements which can help to alleviate symptoms in your small intestine. While you might think food is what will help you pass more stools, it is actually water that can help. Do not force your bowels, but you can help to gently stimulate them by drinking lots of water, consuming high fiber foods like green vegetables.  Try to avoid fat and other things that might cause nausea and discomfort. Water will help flush toxins out through your stools.

If stool movements are not working, make sure you focus on what you are consuming. You could find that just eliminating fatty foods from your diet can drastically improve the health of your digestive system. Sometimes, flushing your digestive tract with a lot of water over the course of several days can be the jump start you need to work through painful digestion.

Do you pass gallstones in your stool?

can you pass gallstones in stool?

Yes, in some cases you can pass smaller gallstones in your stool. But, some larger ones might have trouble getting out of your body. Bowel movements are a great way to help your digestive system any time there is discomfort. In a perfect world, all stones would pass through your stools, but that is not always the case. And, it might take more than a stool movement over a period of days or weeks to completely pass everything through your system. Take care of yourself over a period of time and give your bowels a chance to work.

If you frequently have issues or you cannot easily pass the bile with bowel movements, you could end up needing surgery. Fortunately, a good doctor will have the answers you need and can help alleviate your problems.

What does passing a gallstone feel like?

It depends on where your gallstone is located. If it is in a bile duct, it could cause a blockage that causes symptoms in the upper right side of your abdomen.

Sometimes, the stones might move into the duct that goes into the intestine, and they could get stuck there. If they get stuck there, it could hurt slightly while you pass it through your system.

Sometimes the level of injury you feel is related to the size of the gallstone, as sometimes they can be small like granules of sand, but they can also be marble-sized, and much harder to pass through the stools.

How do you flush out Gallstones?

People who eat a diet high in fiber and vegetables might have an easier time flushing out gallstones and avoiding surgery than if they consume a lot of fats. If you are just experiencing the early signs of discomfort, you might be able to flush your system before the gallstones get too big and uncomfortable. This would be the best case, as it is easier to pass through a stool movement if they are small in size like sand rather than big like a golf ball.

You can try to do a cleanse of your liver and other organs, which could help with bile and any stones. While we cannot speak on behalf of a doctor, this could be an effective way to flush gallstones, extra bile, and even avoid surgery.

can you pass stones in your stool?

To do this flush, try fasting from food or drinks for 12 hours during the day. At night, 12 hours after last consumption, drink four tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice, and repeat this eight times every 15 minutes. If this does not help with inflammation you can try talking to a doctor or physician about any medications that might help with digestion.

Do not take that flush lightly, and make sure you are safe and preferably surrounded by family or friends who can monitor you if you get light-headed.  And as always please seek medical advice from your doctor.

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