Gallstone Diet – It Really Is Simple!

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what is a gallstone dietThe gallstone diet sheet given below should give you some idea as to how you can reduce the consumption of cholesterol and design your gallstones diet. If you follow the diet, by exercising a lot of discipline, you will prevent the gallstones from growing in size and may even get them dissolved or removed quickly.


You should avoid anything that is rich in fat content and cooked in oil.

Some of the foods that you should avoid are:

corned beef, sausages, burgers, pies, beef, grilled and fried meat, pork, hams, duck, lamb, etc.

Foods that contain cheese and butter may also be avoided. You can have small quantities of lean ground beef, pork, Canadian bacon, skinless poultry, boiled ham, eggs without oil, cheese or fat.


Avocado, decorative sugar, canned fruits, cream, etc., should be avoided. All other fresh fruits can be had.


Try to avoid all types of dairy products containing sugar, cream-based products,

alcoholic drinks, strong tea or coffee,

proteins and associated nutrients and anything that has chocolate in it have to be avoided. You can have in moderation fresh low-fat or skimmed milk, zero fat butter or cheese and low-fat yogurt.


It is better to avoid fish prepared using oil or types such as sardines, tuna, kippers, mackerel, etc. However:

you can have light fishes including shellfish, haddock, salmon, white fish and plaice that are cooked without oil.


Soups and broths and soups containing creams and high fat meats must be avoided. Instead, you can have simple and plain boiled soups.


Vegetable preparations that use cream, butter, cheese or oil must be avoided. You can have boiled vegetables. Some garnishing and decoration are also allowed.

Sweets and Desserts

Any dessert prepared with chocolate, high amounts of sugar, pastries, dough-nuts, etc. should be avoided. However, desserts that do not contain fat, chocolate and cream and those that are made using skimmed milk containing fruits and fruit juices by themselves are good to have.

Gallstone Diet Conclusion

In conclusion, dietary intervention may help prevent the formation of gallstones and also minimize the symptoms.

Some of the supplements that have been found to be beneficial when taken along with a gallstone diet are:

multivitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine and phosphatidylcholine.

Some of the herbs that have been used in preventing or treating gallstones include milk thistle, green tea, turmeric, globe artichoke.  A gallstones diet really is quiet simple!

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