Gallstone Diet : A Low Fat Diet for Gallstones

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low fat diet for gallstonesThe link between gallstones and diet has not yet been fully established, but research shows that an increase in blood cholesterol levels increases the risk of gallstones. It is, therefore, reasonable to presume that a diet containing cholesterol in large amounts as well as other fats will only aggravate the condition, thus more reason to look further into a gallstone diet.

Rapid Weight Loss and Skipping Meals Increase Risk of Gallstones

Rapid weight loss and skipping of meals are also seen to increase the risk of developing stones in the gallbladder. Obesity is also a risk factor and eating greasy or fatty meals may precipitate gallstone symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with stones in the gallbladder and it is inflamed as well as causing pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting, nausea and fever like fever symptoms, then it is time you went on a gallstones diet plan. Generally, such episodes are short lived, but they are often experienced after a fatty meal which makes the gallbladder contract.

Gallstone Diet

If you have suffered an attack after consuming a high fat meal, you should seriously think in terms of switching over to a low fat diet for gallstones or commonly know as a Gallstone Diet.

Some people can have a meal that is high in fat content and tolerate it.

However, if you have a number of high fat meals, you will experience a cumulative negative effect.

Therefore, the diet for gallstones should not contain sausages and hot dogs, pate, doughnuts, cheese, deep fried foods, etc., because they may a debilitating and painful attack. Thus, you can keep the gallbladder healthy by following a proper gall bladder diet plan.

Any gallstone diet plan will recommend you to cut down on the intake of unhealthy fat and cholesterol.  On the other hand, you should increase your consumption of raw and cooked (without fat or oil) vegetables and fruits. Consumption of meat cooked in oil and rich in fat and even fish may be strictly avoided.  As far as cereals, breads, rice and other carbohydrates are concerned, they have to be consumed in moderation or appropriate quantities.

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