How to Sleep After Gallbladder Surgery Pain Free

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Are you wondering how to sleep after gallbladder surgery and avoid pain? The good news is that the worst has passed with the surgery. However, the recovery process might come with various inconveniences. The most common one is having problems to fall asleep, and facing the pain that might wake you up due to its severity.

In this article, we are focusing on the best ways to sleep after gallbladder surgery. Take a look at these tips and tricks that might help you to get more sleep and accelerate your recovery.

What Is the Best Way to Sleep After Gallbladder Surgery?

can i sleep on my side after gallbladder surgery

You have two consider two things after you had surgery to remove the gallbladder. The first one is that you have a wound due to a surgical incision, and the second one is the pain that comes with it.

Whatever you do, make sure to be careful to protect the wound until it fully heals. That means you should avoid making sudden moves, carrying heavy items and objects, as well as sleeping on the wound, or in a way that might compromise the healing process.

You might feel pain around the clock, but it will become particularly severe if the wound is affected in any way. Fortunately, that will be an indicator to stop what you are doing and switch the current position before there are severe consequences for the wound.

When it comes to sleeping, you might find it tricky to be in a completely horizontal position. If you lie down on your back, you might discover that you are in pain. That is why the most comfortable way to sleep after gallbladder surgery might be in a somewhat upright position.

Feel free to use as many pillows as necessary. You can find wedged or backrest pillows to keep you comfortable. It won’t be ideal, but it could do the trick.

Do You Have to Sleep in Bed After a Gallbladder Surgery?

sick woman lying in bed with headache

The decision is perfectly up to you, and your primary concern should only be a comfort. That is why you want to start figuring out your sleep situation after gallbladder surgery by finding an optimal position.

If you find that you feel more pleasant on the sofa in the living room, stay there and get some rest. It might seem like improvising but stick to something that works and allows you to get some sleep.

Will I Feel Tired After Surgery?

Each surgical treatment that requires general anesthesia leaves you feeling fatigued for up to several weeks. The fact that you are feeling sluggish means that you should avoid any tiring activities. Instead, focus on rest as that is the way to accelerate the recovery process.

Can I Sleep on My Side After Gallbladder Surgery?

Some people can sleep on their side following gallbladder surgery. If that is your favorite position, give it a shot. You might find that there is too much pain when on your right side, but it might be more bearable if you are on the left side.

That is highly individual because you might even feel referred pain in unexpected places. Pain in the shoulder blades can also be usual and is a result of doctors inflating your abdomen during surgery. Once again, the main idea is to maximize comfort.

Can Melatonin Promote Sleep Quality?

Melatonin is a primary component of sleep regulation and might help if you have problems sleeping. A supplement containing this hormone might help if you have issues with jet lag.

However, scientists conducted a trial on whether it can help with sleep disturbance following cholecystectomy, and the results weren’t encouraging. According to the study, melatonin didn’t affect any objective sleep parameters.

Should I Take Pain Medications After Gallbladder Surgery?

If you are looking for ways how to sleep comfortably after gallbladder surgery, think about what stops you from falling asleep. In most cases, the answer is pain.

The doctor administered pain medications as soon as your surgery was finished. Feeling pain after a surgical incision is normal, but the good news is the severity of the pain will decrease as time passes and the wound heals. In the meantime, you will need pain medications. Your doctor will prescribe them even when you head home to continue the recovery.

If it is in any way possible, try to avoid taking too many pain medications. Not only they can cause addiction, but they can also compromise your liver, and increase risk factors for developing liver disease.

That being said, it is legitimate to take pain pills after gallbladder surgery, especially if it helps you to rest. Make sure to follow the doctor’s prescription or the instructions for the OTC medication you purchased.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

You might not feel hungry after the surgery, which is great news if you have obesity issues. However, your appetite should increase every day. While you are recovering, avoid eating large meals or fatty foods. All these might make you feel bloated, which also leads to sleep disturbances.

Instead, stick to a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies. These contain fibers that promote digestion and help you to avoid constipation. Not feeling bloated will help you get some rest. If you are wondering how you will sleep after gallbladder surgery, it is by focusing on yourself and doing things that promote rest and recovery.

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