Can Chinese Medicine for Gallstones or Gallbladder Stop Your Pain?

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chinese medicine gallbladder removalHave you ever tried Chinese medicine for gallstones to experience pain relief? If you are thinking about trying this solution, we suggest reading this article first. We are focusing on Chinese herbs for gallstones and pain related to them, as well as other details of using this ancient medicine to experience relief.

What Are Gallstones and Can Gallbladder Chinese Medicine Help?

The scientific term is cholelithiasis, but we all know them as gallbladder stones. It is a common health issue that may require surgery. However, Chinese medicine can provide a surgery alternative, which is why many people decide to try it.

This ancient medicine recognizes gallbladder as a fu organ, and it is familiar that it can cause stone issues. Many believe that ancient Chinese medicines for gallstones was based on findings they had from India. That is why ginger root was the primary ingredient for fighting this issue.

According to information published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1986, modern Chinese medicine started focusing on gallstone expulsion treatments in the 1950s. The doctors recommended a treatment that involved three factors. Those are herbs with purgatory effect, treatment to optimize qi to provide abdominal pain relief, and herbs that would dissipate heat and dampness that cause qi stagnation.

Some compounds used in gallbladder Chinese medicine treatment were Chih-Shih, bupleurum, Melia, scute, Lysimachia, corydalis, Curcuma, gardenia, Mirabilitum, and rhubarb. The right combination had the goal of removing gallstones, and the results were described as somewhat successful.

how to Optimize Treatment When Using Chinese Medicine for Gallstone Issues

The next step for Chinese medicine for treating gallstones followed in the 1970s. The doctors adjusted the approach and started using an “attack treatment.” That had the goal of ensuring efficient stone expulsion. The idea was to promote liver production and bile excretion to the gallbladder. They would induce temporary bile retention, and then relax the sphincter to eliminate the bile.

The therapy lasted for a couple of hours, and the key stage was bile retention. The patients were asked to hold on for as much as possible. The doctors believed “excreting large quantities of bile at once allows stones to leave our body quickly.”

The method was not perfect because it frequently led to biliary colic, especially in cases of big stones. The pain that the patients felt in the right upper part of their abdomen because of the stone getting stuck in the bile duct was extreme. Many patients experienced jaundice and temporary fever, too. In Western medicine, the doctors would include pain relief treatment while continuing the therapy.

Can Chinese Medicine actually shrink gallstones stones?

best chinese medicine for gallstone removalThe Chinese medicine treatment might be effective for small stones, but what if stones are big? The experts offer formulas that focus on shrinking gallstones. The formula includes jineijin, haijinsha, and jinqiancao, and it was designed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine College in Shanghai.

Each of these is a group of plant-derived ingredients, and these Chinese herbs for gallbladder aim at reducing the size of the stones. The idea is to boost urination while utilizing mild herbs that won’t have side effects.

Can Chinese Herbs Help with Gallstone Expulsion?

You can find Chinese remedies that focus on helping you to throw out gallstones. One of these is a Lidan Pian formula that contains Lysimachia, Isatis leaf, Saussurea, Scute, Bupleurum, and Capillaris. Some of these plants focus on minimizing cholecystitis, which is gallbladder inflammation.

Another blend is the Lidan Paishi Pian remedy, which combines rhubarb, Lysimachia, Chih-Shih, magnolia bark, lonicera, isatis leaf, bupleurum, Capillaris, Scute, and mirabilitum for a purgatory effect. The combination was derived from a De Chengqi Tang combination from ancient Chinese medicine. The formulas manufactured today are frequently a derivation of traditional recipes.

This treatment might last for a few months. The excretion might begin sooner, but it takes a long time for the process to complete. You could say that these supplements focus on promoting optimal gallbladder function, and support digestion and general health.

What is the Best Therapy for Gallstones – is it chinese medicine?

Both Chinese and Western medicines keep adjusting their approach to find the most effective gallstone treatment. The natural formulas based on Chinese herbs may help as supportive supplements, although the effects may be highly individual.

If you are looking for an efficient way to deal with gallstones and prevent their further formation, the key is to keep an all-around approach.

That includes:

  • best gallbladder chinese medicineAdopting a healthy diet that contains plenty of fibers. The goal is to promote overall digestion. If you have issues with obesity, you can also consider a weight loss nutrition plan. It is vital to eat regularly and establish a meal routine, which involves eating on time.
  • It is important to exercise or be active throughout the day. If training sessions are not for you, walking or riding a bike can also be physical activities.
  • Pick a natural dietary supplement that promotes gallstone shrinkage and expulsion. If it is possible and fits your nutrition, try to consume some coffee or green tea, too.
  • You can try acupuncture, which is another approach originating from China.

When it comes to supplements you choose, try to find a formula that provides overall urinary tract support and helps to detoxify your body. Chinese medicine for gallstones is a great foundation to build on when dealing with this issue.

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